How To Play



Betin brings the all-time favorite lottery game onto your electronic device! Betin’s Lottery Game combines the main components of the traditional lottery, where players have to pick the winning numbers with the main principle of sports betting, where each selection comes with fixed odds.
Players can select a country and view the relevant lotteries or search the lottery of their preference by name (i.e. Russia Goslotto 5/36). If the results have been already announced, players can see the latest winning amount displayed on the “lottery card.” Moreover, players can view the exact date and time of the next draw. By pressing the info button, users will get access to the following information for each featured game:

  • Overdue Numbers: list of five numbers that have not been drawn in the last 90 days
  • Hot Numbers: list of five of the most frequently drawn numbers in the last 90 days.
  • Cold Numbers: least frequent numbers drawn in the last 90 days.

Game Types

There are several game types available for the users to pick from. Each lottery game comes with specific betting options, and not all the game types are always available.

  • Classic Lotto: Players have to predict which number(s) will be extracted. Bonus number excluded.
  • Classic Lotto Incl.: Players have to predict which number(s) will be extracted. Bonus number included.
  • Odd/Even Row: Players have to guess if the extracted numbers are all Odd or all Even. Bonus numbers excluded.
  • Crazy Lotto: Players have to predict which numbers will not be extracted, as opposed to the typical predict the extracted numbers lottery game.
  • Bonus Ball: Players have to guess which will be the last bonus number.
  • Bonus Ball 3 Groups: Players have to predict in which group the last bonus number will belong (Group 1: 1-16/ Group 2: 17-33/ Group 3: 34-49).
  • Combo: You have to predict which number(s) will be extracted. Bonus number excluded. In a combination bet players combine multiple single bets on one bet slip

Playing the Game

Select the game of your preference by simply clicking on it. You will then see a digital lottery ticket with a selection of numbers for you to pick from. The amount of numbers depends on the type of the selected Lottery (i.e. Russia Goslotto 7/49 features 49 numbers per lottery ticket).
By selecting a game, the player will be able to view:

  • The lottery ticket which allows players to make their selection
  • A timer which calculates the time left until the announcement of the results for this specific lottery.
  • A brief overview of the selected game type (i.e. for classic Lotto: “You have to predict which number(s) will be extracted. Bonus number excluded.”)
  • The list of hot, cold and overdue numbers.
  • The odds for every given (single, double, treble, four-fold etc.) selection.

Pick the desired numbers in accordance with the selected game type, enter the stake amount at the “coupon window” on the right side of the screen, check your potential winnings and place your bet*.
The results of the game will be published on the website. You can access the status of your coupons by clicking on “Lotto Bets Menu” in your account.
*All the bets placed on any of the Betin’s Lottery Games are subject to the General Terms and Conditions and the following additional rules:

  • The Lottery Games are available online only, from desktop or mobile, and only bets placed from the online active account on the Lottery Games will be accepted.
  • The bets can be placed from the general account balance only. Bonus funds cannot be used for placing the bets on any of the Lottery Games.
  • Winnings will be paid at 11:00, 16:30 and 20:30 EAT daily
  • The following stake limits per lottery ticket apply:
    Minimum stake is 10 KES;
    Maximum stake is 100,000 KES.
    The stakes below the minimum limit or over the maximum limit will not be accepted.
  • The bets are based on fixed odds which are not subject to change. Only the bets placed on the future scheduled lottery draws will be accepted.
  • The Lottery Games are provided by Gamcode Limited (trading as Betin) and not by any of the local lottery operators. Any bet placed on the any of the Lottery Game is deemed as the fixed odds bet on the outcome of the selected draw and not as a lottery ticket.
  • Betin will not be liable for any technical, hardware or software failures of any kind or lost or unavailable network conditions which may limit or prohibit your ability to place the bets on the Lottery Games. In the event of any technical, hardware or software failures, any started Lottery Games will finish and the results will not be affected.
  • If any amounts obtained by you as a result of the Lottery Games betting, are incorrectly credited to your account as a result of an error, are inaccurate or invalid, of which you must notify us immediately, and if Betin suspects or identifies any prohibited or illicit activity under your account, abuse of the Lottery Games, suspects or identifies any fraudulent activity, Betin reserves the right to cancel any bet, withhold any winnings which you may have won with such amounts, and if we have paid out on any such bets or gaming activities, such amounts shall be deemed as the funds owed to us and you shall immediately repay to us any such amounts upon demand, without limiting the Betin’s rights under the General Terms and Conditions and in law.